Shirvell v. Gordon: former assistant attorney general suing Bloomfield Hills attorney

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It’s been less than a week since Bloomfield Hills attorney Deborah Gordon learned of Andrew Shirvell’s complaint filed against her.

“It came out of left field,” she said of the lawsuit filed at Detroit’s Eastern District Federal Court.

The unusual story that broke a year ago received not only state coverage but also went national when Shirvell was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and by staff on The Daily Show. Shirvell, 31, is the former assistant attorney general who was fired last November for using state resources for his campaign against University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong and for lying to investigators during his disciplinary hearing, Attorney General Mike Cox said in a statement.

Shirvell had been scrutinized for statements he had made about Armstrong, who is openly gay. Shirvell even publicly protested Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda” and showed up at campus parties to photograph and videotape students. Cox said Shirvell repeatedly violated office policies, engaged in borderline stalking behavior, and inappropriately used state resources.

Gordon was in Detroit’s Federal Court Wednesday filing an emergency motion to compel Shirvell — who resides on Long Island, N.Y. — to appear for his deposition in Detroit no later than Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“Shirvell had argued he should not have to give another deposition at all,” said Gordon. The judge agreed with Gordon, she said.

“(Shirvell) asked that the deposition take place in late November. He also argued he is in New York, has no transportation to get here and no money. I pointed out in my pleadings that he must be planning on traveling to Michigan quite often, given his 26-page complaint against me filled with conspiracy theories. He will need to take many depositions.”

Shirvell said this week he filed the lawsuit to “collect for all the damages Deborah Gordon has caused me, economically and noneconomically.”

He said he is not working at this time. The past year, he said, has been “very rough. I had my job taken away from me. I worked very hard for that job.”

His complaint dated Oct. 28 lists how Gordon had connections with people who investigated him last year.

“All this was not known a year ago,” he said, explaining he believes Gordon had a “vendetta” against him. “She had all these connections and relationships with the (Attorney General’s Office) investigator. She has maliciously and viciously attacked me trying to destroy my livelihood.”

Gordon said Shirvell accused Armstrong of the same issues in a lawsuit, “even more ridiculous than accusing me,” she said. “I never spoke to any investigator about Shirvell. It’s completely false.”

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